Travel + Bucket List


Bring me with you or come to me! I love to travel. I live 10 minutes from Logan Airport. My dream is to constantly be "third-wheeling" with awesome couples all over the planet while we take photos with the most dramatic landscapes.  The more dramatic the landscape, the better the photos.  I promise.

I have a list of places I would like to photograph that would be discounted if you choose to have your couples shoot, engagement session or intimate wedding at.  If you are down to visit any of these places, please inquire and I will definitely hook it up!

*Santorini, Greece

*Faroe Islands

*The Fjords, Norway

*Antelope Canyon, Arizona

*The Swiss Alps

*Savannah, Georgia

*The Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls

If you have any other super exciting places in mind, LET ME KNOW