OMG, Y’all are getting marrrieeeedddd! There are so many things to consider when you're planning your wedding; it can be overwhelming. Knowing that your day will be beautifully captured is one less stress for you!

I specialize in making you feel comfortable in front of my camera, while capturing your true beauty and how you feel about each other. We also have a lot of fun ;) I love capturing the moments that naturally occur throughout your day, as well as the interactive posed moments. 

What is your style?

I love to capture not only the genuine moments that happen naturally throughout our time together, but also give you some posing guidance to enhance your images. But don’t worry, no stiff posing and no wondering what to do. Showing your connection and how you feel about each other with beautiful images is why I feel so blessed to do something I love every day.

Are the digital files included?

Yes. Every wedding package includes unlimited downloads of your digital images in a gorgeous online gallery. They're all beautifully edited and a print release is included. You can print them anywhere and as many times, and as often as you would like!

How many images do we receive from our wedding?

It depends on how many hours I am there on your wedding day, as well as how many locations. I shoot over 3000 images myself per wedding and after making selections you can plan on about edited 50-75 images per hour. We shoot an average of 4,000 photos per wedding.

When will I receive my images?

You can expect to see your images around 4-12 weeks after your wedding. Engagements 2-6 weeks. Please email for updated turn around times.

How do you conduct yourself at weddings? What is your approach?

I'm a very friendly, easy going people person. I stay relaxed during any situation and I'm situationally adaptive! I will be involved as much as you would like me to be and will always make sure we get the shots you want for your special day. I tend to dress business casual with comfy shoes, (as I'm sometimes awkwardly climbing a hill to get the perfect shot!). 

How do I book you?

It is really easy! A signed online contract, and a retainer, needs to be completed to hold your date. This is non-refundable and will be applied to your total balance! We can easily do this 100% online! The remaining balance is due 30 days before your event .  If I am traveling to your destination for the wedding, all of the travel fees are due at the time of booking so that I can make the arrangements asap. (I also offer payment plans).

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

I give my clients my complete attention and so I do limit how many weddings I take each month. I typically like to stay around 25 weddings a year.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, I take all major credit/debit cards along with cash, checks, and PayPal.

Do you do payment plans?

Yes,  please inquire and ask for info regarding payment plans.

Are there taxes on your packages?

No, I do not include physical items in my packages therefore I do not have to add sales tax to the entire package. No USB’s or Albums = NO SALES TAX. You may order after delivery of your photos and tax will only be included on the items you purchase and not the entire wedding package.

Do you have any suggestions on where we should do our session?

I’m always up for new places, but I can give you several suggestions for each type of background you think would fit best for you. Do you like water/beach? The edge of picturesque cliffs? Fields/nature, rustic, or more urban? I am confident we can find the perfect location!

What file type do you photograph in? RAW or JPEG?

All images are shot in RAW format, 99% edited in Lightroom and given to you in high-res and web-size JPEG format.

What time of day do you normally schedule your sessions?

The best time of day for a session is about an hour before sunset and early in the morning at sunrise. Since most of my clients don’t like the idea of waking up before 6am (and I don’t blame you), almost all of my sessions are scheduled in the evening! If that time doesn’t work for you then we can shoot at a different time of the day.

You are based in Boston, Ma…would you travel to photograph my wedding?

Yes! My passport is current and I love to travel! I live 10 minutes from Logan Airport and my bags can be packed in 30 minutes ;)

What happens if it rains on the day we’re booked?

I am happy to reschedule engagements for weather related reasons or if you want to shoot in the snow, I’m down and my gear is weatherproof! Rain is ok too if you can picture a “Notebook” styled rain shoot. Just no thunderstorms please :) For weddings I have my clear dome umbrellas in the trunk ready to go. Honestly, all the weddings I’ve shot in the rain have been AMAZING so no need to worry, I am a New England girl and I’m down for the adventure!

Can I bring my dog to our engagement shoot?

Ahhh…you better. You just want to be sure that your Pup will be cool with us shooting without him for a bit. We don’t have to leave them in the car of course but we should get some photos of just the two of you so if we can leash them to a tree near us, they will still be calm.